Channel 93.3’s Punk Tacos Presents Zeke w/ Messiahvore + Suicide Watch

Ages 16 and up
Saturday, August 06
Doors: 8pm

Channel 93.3’s Punk Tacos Presents Zeke with Messiahvore and Suicide Watch on Saturday, August 6th —

16+, under 16 admitted with ticketed guardian

Zeke is an American hardcore punk band from Seattle, Washington formed in 1992. They are known for their extremely fast, energetic guitar sound. Zeke mixes this with strong influences from hard rock, and occasionally blues rock, and are often compared to Motörhead. Zeke has released six full-length studio albums. Their first single, "West Seattle Acid Party", came out in 1992; after several album releases on indie label Scooch Pooch Records, they signed with Epitaph in 1998.