Genre: Folk

Taarka w/ Quickdraw Homegrown Music (3pm)

Larimer Lounge Presents Taarka w/ Quickdraw Homegrown Music on Sunday, August 15 –Taarka, the nom de plume of David Tiller and Enion Pelta-Tiller’s band, has several meanings, from the sound roasting spices make in Indian cooking to the concept of vibrating energy strings in the Grand Unified Theory of particle physics. Somehow, the notions of sizzling spices and string vibrations seem equally apt for a couple whose main instruments are violin and mandolin, who draw musical influences from Romania and Appalachia, and whose previous album, Adventures in Vagabondia, was partly inspired by an 1894 poetry collection. Its follow-up, Making Tracks Home (March 24, 2015), further explores bluegrass, Celtic, classical and gypsy-jazz, weaving a sonic quilt best characterized as indie folk.

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We are open at full capacity with no distancing requirements!

We have a large front & back patio & serve delicious Vero Pizza!

Happy Hour: W-F 4p – 6p

Wed-Thurs – 4pm – 11p
Fri – 2pm – 2am
Sat – 2pm – 2am
Sun – 2pm – 11pm


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