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Ricky Montgomery / Peter McPoland

Larimer Lounge Presents Ricky Montgomery with Peter McPoland on Tuesday, November 23 –Ricky Montgomery’s music was ahead of its time — literally. Four years after the release of his debut album, and a decade after he wrote some of it, the Los Angeles native’s indie-pop has been a balm in the midst of a heavy time, comforting listeners with warm melodies and relatable lyrics. It all started in July of 2020, when a pair of singles from 2016’s Montgomery Ricky — the gently swaying “Mr Loverman” and string-soaked stunner “Line Without a Hook” — took off on TikTok. “I think because we had a really traumatizing year, these songs kind of found a moment,” Montgomery says. “Because they’re all, in their own way, about traumas in my life.”   Now, with a fan base that’s all caught up, Montgomery is sitting on a trove of new music built on this now-familiar foundation: “Mr. Loverman” pairs intense family strife with soft acoustic strums that build to a rousing sing-along chorus; “Line Without a Hook” rocks a bit heavier, with strings and power-pop riffs weaving around cathartic one-liners that speak to the jumble that is one’s coming of age. He balances melancholy with a touch of sweet humor and loads of humanity. It’s no wonder these songs have racked up more than 210M streams so far, landing simultaneously on the Spotify 200 and Spotify Viral 50 charts — a feat few artists can claim — with over 50 entries worldwide. As of early 2021, Montgomery’s catalog was picking up 15M global streams weekly.

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Ela Minus w/ Tammy Lakkis – Presented by KGNU

KGNU Presents Ela Minus with Tammy Lakkis on Saturday, February 5th, 2022 — Tammy Lakkis is a versatile vocalist, producer, and DJ based in Hamtramck, Michigan whose eclectic style is the meeting ground of avant-pop and Detroit-influenced house and techno. She is known for her all-hardware sets, singing bi-lingually in English and Arabic. She recently released her debut EP Notice on Portage Garage Sounds. Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Instagram To ensure the safety of all of our guests, artists, staff, and community, effective August 20th, we will require attendees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative covid test taken within 72 hours to enter our venues until further notice. We highly recommend mask wearing while you are not eating or drinking

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Ron Gallo + Becca Mancari / Chickpee

Larimer Lounge Presents Ron Gallo with Becca Mancari and Chickpee on Sunday, October 3 –Trying to box Ron Gallo up is like trying to clutch water in your hands. If he was to have a “thing” it’s like the monk and the mandala — build something, then destroy it. Not intentionally but more out of necessity, a way to stay engaged and genuine in whatever he does, forever. His only constant is that there is none.

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Des Rocs

Larimer Lounge Presents Des Rocs on Tuesday, October 5 –Somewhere in Queens, a musical madman creates compositions in an underground lair. Formerly used as a break room for 1950s MTA tunnel workers, the grit and legacy of the city radiates from the walls, anointing Des Rocs with the authentic soul of NYC.Des Rocs is Rock ’N Roll. A fourth-generation New Yorker and pizza maker, his authenticity, coupled with his obsessive drive to create, has spawned an undeniable force of nature. His music builds upon its deep and soulful rock roots and applies a sadistic, frenetic twist. Des delivers Rock ’N Roll to the modern landscape, enriched with the deep reverence to the history of the art form.Inspired by music and culture of both past and present, Des provides an energetic and dynamic live performance, displaying the blood, sweat, and tears of the journey to reinvent Rock ’N Roll.Des Rocs is a man possessed, the chosen prophet of his Filthy Animals™, the movement created by his fanbase. He approaches his career as an all-encompassing art piece. The music, the performance and the visual aesthetic all work in concert to provide his Filthy Animals™ with a captivating movement that’s impossible to ignore. His art is deeply personal, vulnerable, staying true to, and betting on, his unique creative vision.Des’ latest release, an EP titled This Is Our Life, arrived at the end of 2020. It is an anthemic celebration of our greatest tragedies becoming our greatest strengths. The EP captures the true triumph in our flaws, and the clarity found somewhere at the end of our rope.

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