Genre: Funk

Takipnik / Flux Amuk / Gunpoint Alibi

Larimer Lounge Presents Takipnik with Flux Amuk and Gunpoint Alibi on Thursday, August 19 — Takipnik is an electronic indie synth rock duo based in Denver, Colorado. Originally formed in 2019 as an electronic indie pop band, the project went through a lineup change in the beginning of 2020. After that transformation the intent was to maintain making indie pop songs. However, things soon started getting heavy with the new addition of Gabe Kohan’s (drums, vox) hard hitting style of drumming rooted in post hardcore, heavy rock, and modern metal coupled with Bobby Malone’s (vox, guitar, synthesis) roots in 90’s metal, punk and grunge. Bobby and Gabe’s heavy influences that they love and draw inspiration from, coupled with their limitless creativity in through electronic elements, makes for a sound that is divergent from any singular genre. In August of 2020 the two hit the studio to make their first EP titled “The Biggest” featuring five tracks of hard hitting synth rock that is a unique blend of heavy rock, punk metal, and grunge blended with synth bass and samples. The album was released in February of 2021. With new material always on the horizon look for Takipnik to keep bringing that heavy synth rock sound with unpredictable electronic elements.  

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The Mountain Goats – Full Band with Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards

Larimer Lounge Presents The Mountain Goats Full Band with Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards on Friday, August 20 –The day after we wrapped Getting Into Knives we drove from Memphis to Muscle Shoals and recorded another album. This had been our plan all along, but 2020 had a way of expressing its feelings about plans. All the outside world was wild dark news and the record we made over the next week reflects that. Been waiting to tell you about it. Please welcome our solitary companion in the shadows, DARK IN HERE Pre-order “Mine Lantern Pale” color-in-color vinyl direct from band:  

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We are open at full capacity with no distancing requirements!

We have a large front & back patio & serve delicious Vero Pizza!

Happy Hour: W-F 4p – 6p

Wed-Thurs – 4pm – 11p
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